21 Days of Goddesses til’ Imbolc

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Day 10 — Aine (Faery, Protection, Healing )

Aine (pronounced AW-neh) was one of the very ancient and powerful Goddesses of sovereignty in Ireland. She was a fertility Goddess in that She had control and command over crops and animals and encouraged human love. ”One of the great Goddesses of ancient Ireland survives in modern times as the queen of the fairies of south Munster, the southwest corner of the island, who is said to haunt Knockainy Hill there. Originally Aine was a sun Goddess who assumed the form of Lair Derg (‘red mare’), the horse that none could outrun. Her special feast was Midsummer Night, when farmers carried torches of straw in procession around Knockainy and waved them over the cattle and the fields for protection and fruitfulness.

Aine’s themes are protection, healing, The Spark of Life, divination, luck, fertility, earth and the moon. Her symbols are moon (lunar items), silver & white items and meadowsweet. This Celtic Goddess of the moon shines on today’s celebration, Her name meaning ‘bright’. Aine has strong connections with the land. Her blessing ensures fertile fields. She also gives luck to mortals and keeps us healthy.

Áine of Knockainy, Ain Cliach, Ain of the Light, Áine N’Chliar, Ain Cliar the Bright

Áine is an Irish Goddess of summer, love, protection, fertility, wealth and sovereignty. In her role of Moon Goddess, she guards livestock, crops, and cattle. In her role as Sun Goddess, she could take the form of ‘Lair Derg’, a red mare that no one could outrun, in order to walk among her people. Also known as a Faery Queen and Love Goddess, she has been known by other names such as the Lady of the Lake, the Goddess of the Earth and Nature, the Goddess of Luck and Magick, and Leanan Sidhe (“Sweetheart of the Sidhe”).

Aine is often remembered as a Celtic goddess of love. But she was also a deity of wealth, sovereignty, and the summer. Her sensitive and joyful personality brought her many followers in the Celtic world. The heart of her cult was located in Limerick, Ireland, though her fame spread like the sun’s rays over many other regions.

Associations between Aine with Venus, Aphrodite, and any other love deity are vague. She was a very complex goddess. One may assume that the goddess of love would have had bright and happy myths surround her, however the legends about Aine are rather depressing. Stories often told of the goddess being raped and murdered, as well as facing many other difficult situations.

Yet these sad stories actually brought her closer to the women who lived in the tough Celtic world. It is important to remember that when the Celtic army worked for others or fought for their land, women also had to protect their homes, towns, and settlements. Therefore, death, cruelty, and sexual abuse were unfortunately quite common for the ancient women. Despite the sad tales, Aine brought women hope and reminded them about the joys of summer and more pleasant times. This may be why she was worshipped over some other deities.

Element: Air
Direction: Northwest
Planets: Sun, moon
Festivals: Midsummer/Summer Solstice
Sacred Animals: Red mare, rabbit, swan [4]
Colors: Red, gold, green, blue, and tan
Representations: Hay, straw, fire
Stones/Incense: Bloodstone, dragonsblood, fairy dust

Healing : Angelica, Balm, Blackberry, Cowslip, Elder, Fennel, Flax, Garlic, Goat’s Rue, Mugwort,Nettle, Oak
Fertility : Hawthorn, Mistletoe, Oak
Prosperity : Alfalfa, Ash, Elder
Protection : Agrimony, Angelica, Ash, Birch, Blackberry, Bladderwrack, Broom, Elder, Fennel,Flax, Holly, Lavender,

ine Associations for Magick, Prayers and Rituals:
Pantheon: Celtic
Element: Earth, water, fire
Direction: Southwest
Planets: Sun and Moon
Sacred Animals:Red mare, rabbit, swan
Colors: Red, gold, green, blue, silver, and tan
Representations: Hay, straw, fire
Sacred days: Midsummer and Lammas

Stones/Incense: Bloodstone, dragonsblood, fairy dust

Food: Onions, milk, wheat

Herbs: Meadowsweet, she was said to give it it’s scent

Fertility: Hawthorn, mistletoe, oak,

Prosperity: Alfalfa, Ash, Elder , green crystals

Healing: Angelica, Balm, Blackberry, Cowslip, Elder, Fennel, Flax, Garlic, Mugwort, Nettle, Oak
Protection: Agrimony, Angelica, Ash, Birch, Blackberry, Bladderwrack, Broom, Elder, Fennel,Flax, Holly, Lavender

Crystals for love : Rhodochrosite, Rose quartz, pink crystals, Prehnite, Opalite




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